INDEX JOURNAL , Issue No. 4 Secession

Issue No. 5 Liquid Time

Liquify Art History

Call for Papers

But are not all facts dreams as soon as we put them behind us?
—Emily Dickinson.

To restage or reconstitute archives of art and exhibitions is not to calcify history but to register its fluidity. That’s how the past survives—by being liquid time.

INDEX JOURNAL invites historians of art (including artists and curators) anywhere in the world and at any stage in their career to submit essays that consider the act of restaging. For this issue, we are particularly interested in exhibition histories and practice-led inquiries into restaging from the global south and southern hemisphere more broadly.

The concept of liquid time is informed by the Polish philosopher and sociologist Zygmaunt Bauman and his book Liquid Modernity (1999). Issue No. 5 is guest edited by Verónica Tello.

Papers should be no more than 7,500 words and in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style (Notes and Bibliography). Submit to If you have a proposal please feel free to contact the editors well before the deadline to discuss. Papers are due 5 March 2023

Joaquín Torres-García, América Invertida (Inverted America), 1943, ink on paper, 22 x 16 cm

Anon., Le Monde au Temps des Surrealistes (The Surrealist Map of the World) in: Variétés (Brussels; special issue: Surréalisme), 1929, pp 26–27