INDEX JOURNAL , Issue No. 4 Secession

The Bauhaus Link in the Life and Work of Émigré Artist Gerard Herbst by Veronica Bremer & Anne-Marie van de Ven

Veronica Bremer is an American Ph.D. candidate in Art History and Theory at Jacobs University in Bremen under the supervision of Professor Isabel Wünsche. She has been involved with the DAAD-ATN Exchange Program between Germany and Australia whose primary focus is the reception of German Modernism and the Bauhaus in Australian art, architecture, and art education between 1920 and 1960. She studies the influence of the Bauhaus on the work of Australians Dahl and Geoffrey Collings and British-born Richard Haughton James. She currently resides in Germany.

Anne-Marie Van de Ven is an Applied Arts Curator at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney where she has made a major contribution to the development of the Museum’s holdings of Australian design and photography archives, including the Gerard Herbst/Prestige Ltd design archive, the Florence Broadhurst collection and the Bruno Benini fashion photography archive. Drawing on these collections, Anne-Marie has curated numerous exhibitions and displays, including the ground breaking Creating the Look: Benini and fashion photography exhibition for the 2010 Sydney Design Festival.