INDEX JOURNAL , Issue No. 4 Secession


INDEX JOURNAL is one of the only open-access, online, refereed art history journals in Australia. Published biannually in partnership with the University of Melbourne, Index Journal aims to provide an international forum for the publication of original academic research in all areas and periods of art history. We publish the work of established and emerging researchers working within the fields of art history, architectural history, curatorship, politics and aesthetics, visual culture, philosophy, historiography and museum studies.

INDEX JOURNAL is published biannually at approximately six month intervals. Authors will be provided with a timeline and deadline for publication on acceptance of their articles for a given issue.


INDEX JOURNAL issues a Call For Papers (CFP) biannually which invites submissions on a thematic. The CFP is developed by a Guest Editor in association with the regular Editors.

To submit a completed paper for consideration, please send it as a Word document attachment to the Editors at

To propose a CFP theme and apply to be a Guest Editor please email a brief overview of the theme (approx 200 words) and proposed Editor’s biographical statement (approx. 200 words) to the Editors at


Submissions are initially reviewed by the Editors and if accepted are then peer reviewed by specialists using the blind peer review process. A peer reviewer may recommend a submission be: accepted, accepted with revisions, resubmitted with revisions, or rejected.

When revisions are required, authors will be asked to amend their submissions within the timeframe stipulated by the Editors in order to be published by the journal.


By agreeing to publish their article with Index Journal, authors accept the terms and conditions of our Publishing Agreement, which can be found here. A personal, dated copy of the Agreement will be provided to each author when their article is accepted for publication.


Articles should be no more than 7,500 words including footnotes. All text should be in 12-point Times New Roman black font, left aligned, and single-spaced. Do not manually indent the beginning of paragraphs.

Submissions must include the following:
❏ Article title
❏ Author’s name
❏ Abstract (approx. 200 words)
❏ Key words (for the purpose of searching and archiving)
❏ Article text
❏ Notes (footnotes, not endnotes)
❏ Acknowledgements
❏ Biographical statement (approx. 100 words)
❏ Author’s ORCHID link (if possessing one)
❏ Bibliography
❏ Images, image captions, and evidence of reproduction rights (see below)

The abstract will appear at the start of the article and will be used for indexing in journal databases such as Google Scholar, DOAJ and Crossref. Biographical statements are included at the end of the article. The bibliography should be included at the end of the article manuscript; please do not submit it as a separate document.


Please prepare your article paying close attention to the Chicago Manual of Style (notes and bibliography) and ensuring the use of British/Australian spelling in accordance with the Oxford English Dictionary. A summary of the Chicago Manual of Style citation guide can be found here.


Authors should send image files for each figure in their article (hi-res, ideally 5000px width, preferably JPEG format) shortly after their submission has been accepted for publication. Large image files can be sent through file sharing servers.

Authors must also send a separate document containing figure captions and credits to their article. This should contain either image-thumbnails or image-file-names that clearly indicate which captions apply to each image.

Authors must provide a document with evidence of sources of the images supplied and image reproduction rights where applicable (e.g., emails, correspondences, license agreements).


Authors are required to obtain permission to reproduce images from the appropriate agencies or copyright owners, and supply Index Journal with image files, copies of permissions, captions and conditions. Authors are responsible for obtaining digital images from proper sources (e.g., museums, libraries). Images should not be photographed from books, or taken from the internet unless under a creative commons licence or similar. Index is unable to pay for image use at this time.

When supplying images, please ensure you include the following:
❏ Image files named with the figure number, artist surname, and title reference, i.e.: Figure 1_Tiepolo_The Banquet.jpeg
❏ A separate document containing a list of figures with captions in order of appearance.
❏ Please indicate clearly in the article manuscript in bold text where you would like the image to appear, e.g.: (insert Figure 1 about here)

Do not include the actual image in the article manuscript. Please note that we may need to place images in alternate places due to layout requirements.


Authors are responsible for the accuracy of information in the articles including referencing of citations. Authors also need to ensure that material is not defamatory, that principles of gender neutral language are adhered to, and so on. Please note that the Oxford English Dictionary permits the use of the pronoun “they” if it follows an indefinite pronoun such as anyone, no one, someone, or a person, as in “anyone can join if they are a resident” and “each to their own”, and if it refers to a noun as in “ask a friend if they could help.” If in doubt, section 5.255 of the Chicago Manual of Style offers nine techniques for achieving gender neutrality.